An image probably as confusing as the questions in this post.

20 Photography Questions to Ponder

By all means post me some answers, I would love to know what you think.

What camera would Ansel have used if He was born in 1980?

How many megapixels really Is enough?

Do “gear forum” lurkers actually find the time to take photos?

How come most male photographers think they need a 400mm f4 super tele lens?

How many pictures does the average camera take before it is replaced?

As cameras have got smarter have photographers got dumber?

When will the “Bride and Groom in the wine glass” montage shot come back into fashion?

How come all selfies have the same look?

Would Cartier Bresson have embraced the iPhone?

If Canon and Nikon are the worlds biggest camera makers how come Apple sell more cameras?

Was film photography invented by hipsters?

Is it now compulsory to have a pet cat in lens tests posted on camera forums?

How come those people who think editing is cheating don’t shoot with all their camera parameters set to zero?

If women like soft portraits why are 85mm lenses are so dammed sharp?

If world famous “fine art landscape photographers” are all creative geniuses how come their photos so often look the same?

Why is so much fine art photography so thoroughly impenetrable to 99.99% of people?

Do you actually have to be a Lunatic to buy a Hassleblad Lunar?

How many lenses does one man need before he can call himself a photographer?

What really is better, Nikon or Canon?

If a photo is taken, but nobody sees it was it actually taken?

I will post my answers soon.....

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