I Don't Get Selfies..Here's Mine

I've gotta say, I just don't get the whole selfie craze, my son Aaron assures me it is a legitimate photographic movement, but he's in his 20s and probably interested in gazing upon the endless visage of a bevy of pretty young women.

Me, I'm beyond all that, all I see is vanity and self absorption, the product of generation ME!  

I guess its part of the social media thing, much which leaves me bemused and bored.  Honestly with the greatest respect, I really don't care what you ate for a midnight snack or that you just got a bargain on a nice new shirt or skirt or that you just had a rude exchange with the lady in the corner shop.

I mean what is it that convinces todays young and sometimes not so young that their every movement, thought, meal and personal issue is of imperative significance to greater human kind.  And Why would you want to air your dirty laundry anyway?

Sure I am happy to see a pic or two of you, maybe even some snaps from a very important event, say a graduation or big birthday, but random shots of every little event in your life taken from the same perspective, with the same “I’m a hollywood star in my own mind” expression...spare me the agony please.

Hey, now don't think I don't value pics of my kids, wife and even myself progressing through lifes ebb and flow, hell I literally have thousands and thousands of them, remember I am a photographer, I have every moment from the pre birth, actual birth to this past christmas get together on my system and in print and negative form. 

But why oh why would I presume it is fair game to bore you all silly with an endless barrage of images that really only mean something to our family and frankly for my part I am not that visually interesting, I'm Brad Nichol not Brad Pitt!

Anyhow I am going to break my "no selfies" rule, so above is one of the very few selfies you are ever going to see of me, I like it too.

Backstory, just in case you are at a loose end and wish to feign some interest for my 15 seconds of fame..... 

Whilst on holidays recently my lovely wife Wendy and I went for an evening stroll along the river bank in Brisbane City.  We came across a great building with all sorts of mirrored surfaces and like the silly "50 something teenagers" we are, we couldn't help ourselves.  We just got carried away playing around with our cameras trying to remove 40 kilos of weight or add some on to see what might await use should we go on an endless binge of cream buns, chocolates and big macs.

Soon we had killed half an hour and had some gut busting giddy fun laughing at our silly selves and of course we had captured some fun pics,  So there you go, a genuine selfie, I won't make a habit of it...promise.

PS:  I think I now have a bit of a handle on the Selfie thing, its not photography, its just a shorthand version of written communication about oneself, ah now that makes a little more sense, not art and not meant to be.

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