The Thursday Pic No 2

Welcome to the Blue

Today is just a short post event and I would like to share with you an image I created recently using my favorite iPhone app, Average Cam Pro.

Use is probably the wrong word, mis-use would be more accurate, for AVC is designed to stack multiple frames of the same image on top of one another with the camera attached to a tripod. The frames are then averaged to present a very low noise high detail final result, it is especially good under low light and the files convert beautifully to monochrome due to the high retained detail and extremely low noise across the three channels.

Anyhow I use it to overlay differing frames on the fly, often moving the camera around as if I had ants crawling all over me.

This image is the result of several taken on Surfers Paradise Beach on the evening of New Years day 2014 and it is in fact a composite of two separate  Average Cam Pro composite captures.

To me it portrays a feeling of peaceful but contented loneliness, instilling the idea that one could just walk off into the surf to a beautiful afterlife. A place where time and distance disappear and all things can and do happen simultaneously, a place where life is always pleasant and simple.

The initial exploratory editing was done in Snapseed on the iPhone over dinner just a few minutes after the capture. These initial edits help me gauge the value of the files, once I returned from holidays I then did the final editing in Photoshop on the Mac.

I am not one to believe that iPhonography must only be carried out “in mobile” so I often work the above way, sometimes I even shoot stuff in my mirrorless camera and transfer it to the phone for a quick zip through my favorite iPhone editing apps.   Whatever works I reckon.

This was actually quite a fruitful evening and I obtained several captures that will be revisited at a later time.

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