The Thursday Pic - No 4

Southport Central

Taken back in mid 2009, this was one of the first photos I took with my then new Sony A900, the lens was a humble 35-70 f4 and this image was shot at 45mm which is pretty much the optimum setting for "mini beercan" as it is known.  Aperture was f 9 and shutter 1/125, just in case you wondered.

It was actually a pivotal image, why?  Close examination of the file and others taken at the same time  revealed the A900 had a very noisy red channel.  No big deal you think, so do a lot of cameras.

Well yes they do, but my frustration with the reds and the desire to do better led me down a path of experimentation and study, eventually leading me to developing my True Light Capture System, which I use to this day.

One day soon I will blog about the system but for now I must say I do like the composition and the final 24 by 30 inches looks really great, even after a few years have passed.

The location was the then new "Southport Central Complex" which is located on the Aussie Gold Coast.  This is the rear entrance, but the colours you see here are used all around the exterior of the complex. 

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